2019 Winner: Rocky Hernandez


I work at “the world’s largest dispensary”, Planet 13, so my life before Budtender Awards was all about my journey learning and developing my sales skills in my craft of budtending. I was in utter disbelief that such an award show existed for Budtenders. AND to find out that I had been nominated! It was the most exciting thing to ever happen to me.

It is a reward to be nominated by your peers. Especially for an award that commends you on being knowledgeable about a plant that improves lives. It was an extreme honor to just be nominated by my people both in and out of the industry. I had an overwhelming feeling of joy and achievement through the whole process. That experience is a feeling that I will always cherish. IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER!!!

The expo was insane! It was just a jaw-dropping good time! You can attend speaking events with people in the industry that can really help you to hone in on your desires for your individual future in cannabis. They provide knowledge to budtenders so we can better professionalize the industry while being informed on all areas of the canna-community. After networking with so many people at the Budtender Awards, I started to get invited to more cannabis events which helped me to network with some of the nation’s best in the business. The next few months were a whirlwind of events and invitations to do presentations. I would never have believed that I’d get over my fears and have networking become a major aspect of my life. I started to find myself around a bunch of wonderful like-minded people that wanted to uplift this plant.

2019 Winner Rocky Hernandez

I began a podcast, High Budtenders, with my dear friend and fellow budtender Jorrell Ellis and since then it’s been an amazing adventure in cannabis. I would have never considered starting a podcast or even have enough courage to get my voice out there if it wasn’t for the Budtender Awards.

I mean this entirely- after winning, I felt like I could really do something in this community. I have been able to get to know some of the greatest cannabis professionals in the industry. And we’re just getting started! We are currently on our 36th episode of the podcast and we have had a tremendous response from cannabis communities from all over the country.

I would have never considered starting a podcast or even have enough courage to get my voice out there if it wasn’t for the Budtender Awards

-Rocky Hernandez

The Budtender Awards in conjunction with my experience at Planet 13 has been very rewarding. I was able to get over the stage fright and fear of networking. I have made so many wonderful friends, especially my dear friends at BTA who have literally scooped me under their wings. I am humbled. I finally feel like the future is now! Whatever journey that BTA would like me to be on, I am there!

2019 Winner Rocky Hernandez

We all had to go through some sort of hardship during Covid and I am certain that I can speak for others when I say, “I can’t wait!” for the 2021 Budtender Awards and I am even more stoked about G4 Live! As far as the cannabis future, it looks brighter and brighter every day!

Every Nomination Counts as a vote!

2019 Winner Rocky Hernandez



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