2019 710 Master Finalist & Current Nominee – Brandon Agustin’s BTA Experience


Before the first Budtender Awards, I was excited to meet all the finalists from around the US. During the event, I started to get a little nervous because we’re getting close to finding out who will be crowned in all OG categories.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I would think to myself “how epic could this possibly be for the first-ever BTA’S ?”…I’d have to say I was blown away! From it being held at one of the nicest hotels, the education that was provided, being able to interact with many of the major brands in the industry & last but not least the food & open bar!

My favorite part about the event had to be the after parties at Tyson Ranch & Awards Night! from seeing my name on a jumbo screen going against the best budtenders in my category. I’d have to say it really was a dream for me. I enjoyed every second of it! After the event despite not winning, I was motivated to try & make it back again next year & here I am! Overall an experience I’ll never forget!


The BTA’s changed my life in many ways. People are recognizing me at work as the Dr.Cannabis finalist and it’s giving me more of a sense of purpose in general. All of this motivated me to not give up on anything in life and to just keep going no matter what. BTA’s showed me if I really want something, get up & go get it no matter if you lose the time before!

As a 710 finalist, I’d want the community to know that concentrate can be extracted in a couple of ways from BHO, C02, or solventless extraction. It’s up to you to experiment with the consistencies to see what your preference would be. Me personally I like solventless, simply only heat & pressure as opposed to butane or propane. I don’t mind butane if purged for its proper length of time. Solventless is like fresh-squeezed juice!

That’s what I keep an eye out for, my favorite products no matter the brand are solventless. I love the idea of concentrate not containing any type of BHO/C02 gasses. I love it. I feel as though once the cannabis community gets familiar with the many ways of consuming concentrate it’ll be an easy option to medicate at high potencies. The future of 710 products/culture is going to be very bright.

There was this one time working with my lab techs, we were running a BHO extraction. We smelt gas but didn’t think much of it, because we’ve done this so many times until something in the lab caused some type of spark. A spark with gas fumes don’t mix! We ended up having an explosion in the lab. This was an important lesson for all of us especially since we were able to walk away unharmed.


Brandon Agustin 2019 Photobooth
  • Do not cut corners & ignore the bad signs! 
  • Have the proper equipment & practice the proper procedures & take your time. 
  • So no one gets hurt, NEVER CUT CORNERS!

I’m looking forward to being able to represent the BTA’s as the new 2021 710 Master, hopefully! I’m excited to see what the future holds for my own development in the cannabis industry alongside the BTA’s. I just want to make a positive impact in the cannabis industry while I’m alive and breathing! I’m also looking forward to seeing cannabis being legal all over the world! I feel like that’s far-fetched, but I can dream, right?

Every Nomination Counts as a vote!

2019 Winner Rocky Hernandez



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